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​Lori Giovannoni

Welcome to Lori G Presents!

Hi, I’m Lori Giovannoni---now that can be a challenging name to say and spell---so for years clients have simply called me “Lori G!” If you are seeking an outstanding keynote speaker for your next event, or a competent and credible trainer for your team, then look no further!

What makes me different?  Clients say I bring a fresh, intellectually-curious, and fun perspective to contemporary challenges in organizations.  Unlike most trainers, I don’t just teach from predesigned curriculum.   I have been responsible for teams of people.  I understand the rewards and challenges  that come with leadership.  My curriculum and illustrations are based on “real world” experiences not canned, off-the-shelf content.  It’s easy to talk about good leadership, team-building, and communications—it’s a whole other thing to walk the talk.  I know this first-hand! 

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