Leadership Skills for Success is an insightful seminar that will shine a light on your leadership strengths, assist you with your leadership challenges and identify the qualities that outstanding leaders share in common. When you attend this seminar you will:

  • Learn the 3 qualities every leader must possess in order to succeed
  • Identify your leadership style and your specific leadership strengths
  • Identify the challenges that come with your leadership style and learn how to overcome them
  • Learn the essential elements of leading a team

If your team wants a strong leader, join Lori Giovannoni for Leadership Skills for Success.

Advanced Presentation Skills, a high-impact seminar that will have you presenting like a pro.

Lori Giovannoni has designed an exclusive limited attendance 1-day seminar that will take you from good to great and provide a fast track to the next level as a successful presenter.  Whether presenting one on one or to a group of people you will learn how to present like a professional and leave your audience wanting more.

Advanced Presentation Skills is a full day coaching seminar that includes:

  • Communication Style Identification
  • Video tape analysis
  • Individual feedback
  • Customized coaching

This seminar is designed for individuals serious about creating success through powerful presentations.

Communication Skills for Success

How To Create High Performing Teams

Presentation Skills for Success

Leadership Skills for Success

Most people are not strong presenters and don’t know how to deliver information in an influential and persuasive way for a positive outcome. Lori Giovannoni can teach you how to connect with your audience as well as address questions and objections that can throw you off and shake your confidence.

Join Lori Giovannoni for a game changing seminar on how to improve your presentation skills, increase sales or influence others.

  • Learn how to connect with your audience
  • Learn the 3 skills that result in a powerful and persuasive presentation
  • Learn how to handle tough questions while remaining calm
  • Learn how to move an individual or a group to action.

Lori has delivered seminars and speeches throughout the United States and Canada.  She is an expert at teaching people how to present like a pro and communicate for success. More than 250,000 people have attended Lori’s seminars. 

Keynote Presentations

Success Redefined

An entertaining and inspirational keynote/presentation that explores our cultural models of work, success and productivity. You'll discover how the rules of success and of work have changed and how those changes impact your employees and your customers.  You'll laugh at Lori's wit and agree with her wisdom. Success Redefined will give you new insight, boosting morale, improving the work environment, and increasing productivity.


The Evolution of Work

An informative and captivating keynote that describes the organizational changes taking place in today's working world, the resulting impact on the workforce and the skills required to stay competitive and successful in the future. Change is inevitable, the real question is....are you ready for it ?

Every successful person is a strong communicator. Communication Skills for Success is a powerful seminar that will improve the effectiveness of your communication and increase your confidence as a communicator.  Communication Skills for Success is a professional development seminar, suitable for managers and individual contributors alike, that will have you:

  • Identify your specific communication style
  • Understand the strengths of your communication style and  how to use your style to your greatest advantage
  • Use listening skills to better understand another’s viewpoint and expand your professional credibility
  • Understand the 4 basic communication styles and how to respond to each style minimizing resistance and objections

Don’t miss this seminar. Every successful person is a successful communicator!

Advanced Presentation Skills

Professional Keynote Speaker and Trainer

High performing teams are the backbone of a productive workplace. A high performing team can accomplish more than a group of individuals working independently.  As a leader you must be able to create and sustain a team environment that allows for maximum productivity and team engagement.

How To Create High Performing Teams teaches you to:

  • Empower and engage employees
  • Design a successful team environment
  • Understand the mechanics of a self-directed team
  • Create an environment that sustains team productivity and commitment